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Aroma Diffuser uses Ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essential oil in the tank, to produce a cool, dry fragrant mist.

Size: 40x30x30cm

Purposes: Aromatherapy Treatment, Calming & Soothing to the Nervous System by Diffusing Oils



Manufacturer: Nagaad Family – From Ethically Harvested to Finished Product
Type: Electronic
Traceability: Wild harvested through Nagaad Organic COC (Chain of Custody) Network
Dimensions: Approximately 145x168mm
Weight (excluding adaptor): Approximately 210g
Power: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz / DC 24V, 650mA
Cord Length: Approximately 150cm
Electric Consumption: Approximately 10W
Materials: Made from PP (Polypropylene), ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), and PC (Polycarbonate)
Accessories: Includes an AC Adapter and User Manual
Method of Mist Production: Ultrasonic technology operating at 2.4MHz

About Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser

Introducing our state-of-the-art Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, the perfect addition to your home or workspace. This elegant and compact device, measuring approximately 145x168mm, is designed to enhance your environment and promote relaxation, all while adding a touch of contemporary style to your decor.

Weighing in at just 210g (excluding the adaptor), our diffuser is incredibly lightweight and portable, making it easy to move from room to room. With its versatile power options (AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz / DC 24V, 650mA), it’s suitable for worldwide use. The 150cm cord length provides flexibility in placing the diffuser exactly where you want it.

The diffuser’s high-capacity tank, with a generous 550ml capacity, ensures long-lasting mist, and the ultrasonic technology operating at 2.4MHz produces a fine, soothing mist that enhances the atmosphere. Choose from various time modes, including 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or continuous operation to suit your needs.

The built-in LED lights, featuring six colors, can be cycled or set to your favorite shade, adding a tranquil ambiance to your space. Crafted from durable and safe materials, including PP, ABS, and PC, our diffuser is designed to stand the test of time.

Included in your purchase are an AC adapter and user manual, making setup and operation a breeze. The diffuser’s minimal electric consumption of approximately 10W ensures energy efficiency while delivering the soothing aromatherapy experience you desire. Elevate your surroundings with our Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser and experience the ultimate in relaxation and well-being.

How to Use?

Effective Usage Guide for Your Product:
  1. Start by ensuring your product is upright. Remove the upper lid and the water cap in a vertical direction.
  2. Connect the AC adapter to the DC jack on the main body using the provided cable guide.
  3. To add water to the product, use a measuring cup (not included in the package). Be cautious not to use high-temperature water, and make sure you do not exceed the maximum fill line. Do not add water while the product is in operation. Add our organic frankincense essential oil to the water tank vertically.
  4. Install the main body cover using the original channel. Ensure it falls into place in a vertical direction. Adjust the cover to position the mist spray outlet as desired.

Note: Always ensure the upper lid is securely in place when using the product.

  1. Connect the AC adapter to a power supply socket in your home.
  2. Press the “MIST” button and select your desired operating time (1H, 3H, 6H, or continuous ON). To cycle through the mist settings, press the “MIST” button five times, going from 1H to 3H, 6H, ON, and finally OFF.
  3. Activate the LED lights by pressing the “LIGHT” button. You can choose from seven different light colors, each with adjustable brightness levels, as shown in Fig6.
  4. If you do not plan to use the product for an extended period, ensure you drain the water from the tank, allow it to dry, and store it properly. Before using it again, clean the water tank with a neutral detergent.
  5. Upon powering on, the aromatherapy machine starts in the off state.
  6. If the water level in the tank becomes low, the aromatherapy machine will automatically turn off, even if the MIST switch is on.
  7. Both the mist and light functions will turn off automatically when the water in the tank runs out.
Using Diffuser Oil and Floral Water:

To infuse your space with delightful scents, add a few drops of your favorite diffuser oil or floral water into the water tank, ensuring you do so vertically. This enhances the aromatherapy experience and fills your surroundings with a pleasant fragrance. Enjoy the soothing ambiance created by your product with these aromatic additions.


Aroma Diffuser use time:6 hours
• The amount and intensity of mist produced will vary, but this is normal
and should not be considered as a fault.
• Factors that affect this include water type, humidity, temperature, air currents.
• Auto power off when water runs out.
• Applies only 100% natural essential oils, if they contain chemical ingredients, flavors or impurities may cause damage to the product.
• Before replacing another essential oils, follow the maintenance part of the clean-up products.


In the event of the unit being knocked over or tipped during use, please follow the steps as below to avoid malfunction:
1.Unplug the unit and remove cover.
2. Pour out any remaining water from the water tank.
3.Shake the unit gently to drain water, and then keep it natural air drying for at least
24 hours.


Maintanance of Aroma Diffuser

After using 5-6 times, or 3-5 days, please clean the product as follow:
1.Unplug the unit from mains supply and remove cover.
2.Pour out any remaining water from the tank.
3.Add a small amount of warm kitchen detergent remover and water, use swab to wipe it gently,and then use cleaning cloth to dry it lightiy.
4.Refer to the following pictures, to avoid water flow into the air outlet, pour off water abide by the left picture, not the right one.
5.Do not use other acids or enzymes detergents, as this may give off poisonous gas or cause malfunction.
Note: Be sure to use a mild detergent.




Aromatherapy Treatment, Calming & Soothing to the Nervous System by Diffusing Oils


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