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Glow of skin is the result of proper skin care. Fast acting skin & body healing treatment made from 100% organic, & rare, natural products & manufactured with GMP standards.

The Frankincense Hair Treatment and Growth Oil is a light treatment using a rich and concentrated formula of rare and wildly crafted Frankincense.

Frankincense aroma body massage oil is a light oil especially formulated with pure body oil with vitamin to help recover dead skin. This rich formula helps allergic skin quickly. It quickly removes pigments, pimples, body scratches, acne, stretch marks, wrinkles, laugh lines. It is rich in anti-ageing agents.


Therapeutic grade
Ideal oil set for aromatherapy & relaxation
100% Pure therapeutic essential oils.
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100% organic, wildly crafted gum, no preservatives, obtained naturally from the stem of the Senegalia Senegal tree. The Raw Gum obtained from the Acacia Senegal tree is also known as Gum Hashab. It is more superior and has a clearer appearance when dissolved due to less impurities and tannins. Gum Hashab is less friable Gum Talha. The gum is 100% Wildly Organic and Wildly Harvested.

Acacia Senegal grows wild and produces a sap which hardens into a natural gum. The gum is harvested by the local communities from wild trees in Somalia. Acacia Senegal is considered the superior form of gum Arabic.

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Wildly Crafted Natural Resins and Gums


Raw products are obtained from the wild jungles of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Tanzania where we work hand in hand with the local communities.

Nagaad Resins and Gums (Nagaad Gums) is an authentic Social Enterprise business that “works with the communities and for the communities”.

Our Partnerships & Certifications


Nagaad’s products are traceable from harvest to the end product

Our Chain of Custody (COC) process details of each step of the process, aiming to ensure product sustainability & traceability, in addition to safety & superior product standard & quality. Therefore, with Nagaad rest assured that your product is perfectly safe and 100% certified organic.


1. Ethically Harvesting: Our ancestor's crafts are still standing

Nagaad Resins and Gums (Nagaad Gums) began in the late 1940s as a family business in rural Somalia. It was based on naturally and sustainably harvesting resins and gums from various tree species; as a means of adding value to the communities while conserving the environment and providing a steady source of income.

1. Ethically Harvesting


2. Handling With Great

Following internal Organic Standards during harvesting, grading & preventing cross contamination. our company being a community based CoC network chain, the raw materials originate right from the harvesting communities and therefore are traceable to the source. We therefore control the entire harvesting/collection of raw materials by using supply management systems.
We don't compromise the quality: standard processing procedures, health & safety, in placed, followed by quality control systems and hygiene practices.

2. Handling with Great


3. GMP Processed

The industrial machineries utilises state of the well-art technologies and is equipped with in-house EU-US accredited laboratory facilities which carry out the requisite tests and analysis to ensure high quality organic products that meet and even surpass international standards. This is done by re-engineering the Management Team, acquiring GMP modern top-quality processing facilities, and developing a unique tailored made ‘essential oils’ processing factory.

3. GMP Processed


4. Total Quality Control

We are proud to claim that our raw products (resins and gums) are traceable from harvesting to the finished products. The COC process elaborately details each step including the equipment used, safety procedures, training, record keeping, and audits. The aim of the COC process is to ensure sustainability of the products, traceability of the products, safety of the products, and finally the highest quality and standards of the products.

4. Total Quality Management


5. Ready on The Shelf

We are proud to offer the highest quality organic end products as follow categories;
1. Frankincense Essential Oils
2. Frankincense Aroma Floral Water
3. Frankincense Processed Raw Resins & Allied Products
4. Commiphora Myrrh Processed Raw Resins
5. Acacia Processed Gum Arabic
6. Natural Organic Beauty Products

5. Ready on the Shelf