Frankincense Skin regenerative Oil

260 AED

Manufacturer: Nagaad Family – From Ethically Harvested to Finished Product
Method of extraction: GMP Processed
Tree: Boswellia Tree  –  Originated: Boswellia Oil & Allied Products
Resin: 100% Natural Organic  –  Size: 120 ml
Purposes: Aromatherapy Treatment, Calming & Soothing to the Nervous System by Inhaling & massaging
Traceability: Wild harvested through Nagaad Organic COC (Chain of Custody) Network
Properties: Relaxing, Rejuvenating, Uplifting, Calming, Meditative & More
Certifications: ECOCERT, USDA ORGANIC (NOP), ISO, GMP, Organic Consumers Alliance, Aroma Therapy (IFA, IFPA) & Halal Certified.

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The Nagaad Skin Regenerating Oil is a fast acting skin & body healing treatment made from 100% organic, & rare, natural products & manufactured with GMP standards.

This product recovers bleached body to its original and gives you nutritious lightening, smoothing and moisturising. It also soften rough dry skin. Contain rich organic formula which absorbs quickly into the body.

With multiple skin vitamins the skin regenerative oil is a fast acting skin that rejuvenates and healing dead sensitive skin. When applied it helps the scars and marks of boils, surgery scars and pix on the skin fade at a much faster rate. Its made of rare natural organic Boswellia oil.

The frankincense regenerative oil contains a rich organic formula that is absorbed quickly and restores bleached skin to its original tone, softening rough dru skin and giving it a nutritious smooth and moisturising touch.

The frankincense regenerative oil is a unique with its special organic formula using rare Frankincense oils that give a refreshing cooling surge and instantly hydrate the skin. The anti-ageing properties of the Frankincense will give your skin a timeless, young and fresh look.

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Benefits & Uses

Benefits: A light oil especially formulated with pure body oil with vitamin to help recover dead skin. This rich formula helps allergic skin quickly.

It quickly removes pigments, pimples, body scratches, acne, stretch marks, wrinkles, laugh lines. It is rich in anti-ageing agents.

– Skin Hydrating & Anti-Ageing.
– A natural and 100% organic face mask which is ideal for skin health & cleansing.
– Effectively prevents dry rough skin and opens clogged skin pores.
– Gives the Skin a fresh, cool, clean and moisturised feel.


Application: Squeeze the bottle to deposit few drops of oil onto tour palm, rub the drops of oil between your palm and apply on the clean body.