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Our Strong Business Background

As the name suggests, Nagaad Resins and Gums deals with natural resins and gums, which are found as exudes from the woody parts (like the stems) of some plants or their seed coatings. The name ‘Nagaad’ is derived from family nickname ‘resilience’ and ‘tolerance’. It represents the resilience to find tranquillity in the midst of hardships, whether from drought or hostile weather and unforgiving dangerous wild predators, i.e., the challenges that our founding ancestors contended, which forced them into a nomadic lifestyle to take care of basic needs for themselves and their livestock.

Nagaad also describes the trees and plants from which the resins and gums are derived. This is because they find a way to grow and even thrive in the harsh savannah and the Arid areas. During the times of the founding ancestors, there were no modern (or orthodox medicine) health facilities, and most communities depended on traditional medicines to treat many ailments.

Natural resins and gums were, and still are, an important source of these traditional medicines. Despite the increased availability of modern treatments, traditional medicines (like using resins and gums) remain important in society for treating ailments in both people and livestock. The Nagaad Gums natural products have a wide range of applications and could be used for different purposes such; medicinal, cosmetics & perfumery, preservative, paints etc., and other many purposes for industrial uses.

Nagaad Resins and Gums (Nagaad Gums) is an authentic Social Enterprise business that “works with the communities and for the communities”.

Gradually, communities and their leaders are imbibing the knowledge of modern theories of the interdependence of their local trees, i.e., trees tend to depend on one another, and the logging of some species will mean the end of another (they simply won’t survive).

The next aspect of Deforestation Prevention is providing and promoting the use of alternative practices to the various community needs that cause deforestation. The following is a list of initiatives to be taken:

  • Approach and Partner with NGOs, the United Nations (UN), and the business sector to encourage the use of renewable energies (majorly solar and wind) within the communities.
  • Provide training in sustainable harvesting of forest products. A great example is cutting a small part of the tree for firewood which allows the tree to regrow.
  • Supporting the Green Belt movement through joining in reforestation (by planting trees) across deforested areas.
  • Empowering the members of the Society to promote a better understanding of their environment and strategic decision-making for a resilient and sustainable future.

The 3G Principle: The 3G is a simple principle that all members of the Nagaad Team place emphasis on regularly. It is supposed to help the communities get a sustainable income and conserve their environment by preserving the trees. The 3G principle is “Go Get the Gum”.