Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • what is Nagaad?
    Nagaad Offers organic essential products which are fully concentrated with no blended ingredients and wildly crafted & organically sourced. 

    Nagaad has membership gift boxes which are designed aesthetically to meet consumer’s demand And organic essential products on one off purchase basis. 

  • What is Nagaad Membership Gift Box?

    Nagaad has 8 various gift membership set boxes which consist of different essential organic products like Frankincense essential oil, Aroma floral water (Hydrosol), Frankincense raw resins, Commiphora Myrrh resin, Gum Arabic resin, Beauty products (Skin regenerative oil, Frankincense hair oil, body massage oil).

    Here is the list of Nagaad gift set boxes;

    • Organic Royal Elite Gift Box
    • Organic VIP Elite Gift Box
    • Organic Premium Gift Box
    • Organic Gold Gift Box
    • Organic Silver Gift Box
    • Organic Bronze Gift Box
    • Organic Basic Gift Box
    • Organic Super Gift Bundle
  • How to shop on Nagaad website?

    Nagaad has a wide range of organic essential products that offers them in retail, Semi-retail and wholesale. you can buy your ideal products directly from the manufacturer and eliminate the brokers. theses products are wildly crafted and organically certified. 

Quick Answers

  • Using the promo code at checkout?
    You can use Nagaad promo code which you have received from either email by subscribing to our newsletter or via the Nagaad Kiosks located in city centres/Malls of the UAE. 

  • How do I manage my account?

    You’d be able to manage your orders and membership orders from your Nagaad account and see the history of your transaction with Nagaad. 

  • New Account?

    You can create New Nagaad account, by clicking on the account area at topbar menu of Nagaad using your email address. once you entered your email address, then you’d receive an email provided with a link to set your password. 


Customer support

  • I’ve forgotten my account password, how do I reset it?
    You can simply reset your account password, by visiting account area at top bar menu of Nagaad website, enter your registered email address and click on reset button. you’ll shortly receive an email with a link that you’d be able to click and change your password.

  • How can I edit information in my account?

    Once logged in to your Nagaad account, you’d be able to see Account details tab where you can modify the account information such as, email, user name and password. Please remember if you change your email, your order history will not be shown since your registered email address is associated with your order that you’ve first registered with.

  • I’d like to close my Nagaad account, how do I do this?

    You can write us an email with a comment explaining the reason of your account closure and our staff will assist you accordingly to close your account.

  • Using the promo code at checkout

    If you’ve received a promo code from Nagaad either from subscribing to our newsletter or Nagaad loyalty cards from Nagaad Kiosks from city centres/Malls of the UAE, you’d be able to use and apply to redeem the discount.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    At the moment Nagaad, accepts Visa/Master cards & COD (Cash on Delivery). Nagaad has partnered with Network International to accept online payments from its customers. the payment gateway is PCI certified and you can securely do your transaction by using your visa/master card.

  • Is my payment secure and can I shop online safely?

    As explained in former question, the Nagaad online payment is PCI certified and is completely secured and flawless. you can securely do your transaction and pay by your Visa/Master card.

  • Why is my payment declined? What can I do if the payment of my order is declined?

    If your payment gets declined either your card has been expired or it doesn’t have sufficient balance to do the transaction. however, you are welcome to send us an email explaining the case and our staff will help you while investigating your case.